Couple celebrate ‘miracle’ pregnancy

Woman gets pregnant naturally after spending £40k on fertility treatment


A couple who had spent £40,000 on five unsuccessful cycles of IVF fertility treatment have fallen pregnant naturally – conceiving on their wedding night. 


Nicola Medina and husband Karl were told that due to gynaecological problems she only had a 1% chance of falling pregnant at all.

Mrs Medina told the Daily Mail: “The conclusion of my consultant was I had failed ovarian function and had less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant naturally or with IVF.”

However, their luck was set to change when, after tying the knot in August 2012 and visiting her GP a few weeks later about an unrelated matter, Nicola was stunned to discover she was a mum-to-be!

“I just wanted to scream and shout,” said Mr Medina upon hearing the happy news and bursting into tears. 

What exciting news to begin 2013! The Medina’s bundle of joy is due in May this year.


By Catherine Hudson


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