Couple expecting quintuplets beating one in 60 million odds

Lesbian couple used donor insemination to conceive five babies


A couple are expecting quintuplets after using donor insemination to conceive.


Lesbian couple Melissa Keevers and Rosemary Nolan from Australia are already proud parents to one-year-old daughter, Lilly who was conceived using donor insemination.

Melissa is now expecting five babies after using the artificial insemination method again with the same sperm donor who fathered Lilly.

While the odds of having a multiple birth are high with IVF, the chances of conceiving quintuplets naturally or through donor insemination like Melissa, are one in 60 million. So as you can imagine, the news was a bit of a shock for the expectant mum!

“During the scan the doctor asked us if we wanted the news, but as he looked pale we were worried,” said Melissa. “He then told us that, if all went well, we’d have five babies. We can’t repeat what we said next!”

Melissa’s partner Rosemary was equally as shocked, but was glad she could prove her dad wrong when he said he wouldn’t have any grandchildren.


The couple are now shopping for a six-seater buggy for their expectant babies and older daughter, Lilly.

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