Couple forced to pay maintenance after surrogate keeps their baby

Surrogate mum handed custody of daughter, while her biological parents are forced to pay child maintenance


A couple have been forced to shell out child maintenance for a baby they will never meet, after their surrogate mum changed her mind during pregnancy. The couple, referred to as Mr and Mrs W, were shattered when a judge awarded their surrogate custody of the child, only to be told by the Child Support Agency (CSA) that they were also legally required to pay child maintenance.


The couple originally agreed to pay £10,000 to a surrogate kown as Miss N, who they found on a surrogacy website. But Mr and Mrs W were devastated when Miss N had a change of heart halfway through the pregnancy and decided to keep their baby.

Miss N was granted custody of the baby girl, who is the biological daughter of Miss N and Mr W, by a judge. She was also allowed to keep the £4,500 already paid to her by the couple, and Mr W was ordered to pay £568 each month in child support.

The couple also gave up contact rights to the baby, as they say it would have been too emotional and unfair on her.

“She has taken away our baby and now she is taking our money,” Mr W told the Daily Mail. “To me, that is completely wrong. The CSA has made the decision as if we were a couple who had broken up, but our situation is unique. We had agreed for her to carry a baby for my wife and myself. I have written to Downing Street and my MP to call for a change in the law,” he added.


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