Now, how's this for a Christmas present?


Couple Ben and Hannah Hinders, who live in Hawaii, hadn't seen their family over in Florida, US, for 10 months.

During that time they'd conceived, and Hannah had given birth to a little baby girl they named Ivy (super festive or what?!).

But Ben and Hannah kept totally quiet about their arrival. Not. A. Word – from day 1 of the pregnancy.

Instead, they decided to surprise friends and family just a few days before Christmas by visiting, with baby Ivy in tow.

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And they caught the reactions of family and friends on video.


As you can imagine, there are gasps, tears of joys and hands clapped over wide-open mouths, as no one can quite believe what they're seeing.

We can't deny that the video is lovely to watch – most of us were pretty much gushing over it.

But others weren't so sure. One of our team thinks she'd actually have been a bit hurt to have been out of the loop on the whole pregnancy of a close family member.

And another, with older children, says she'd wonder how she'd feel if her son kept from her for so many months the pretty HUGE news that he was going to become a dad....

Hmmm, food for thought, eh? We guess it probably depends on the family – and we're assuming these guys knew their loved ones well enough to be able to have a good guess at how they'd take it.

But we can also see it might not be for everyone.

What do you think?

Would you ever be tempted to do this? If a friend or family member did it to you, how would you feel: gutted or excited?

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