Dealing with a crying baby can be really stressful for any new parent.


So imagine that - not only are you coping with interrupted nights and the exhaustion that comes with them - but you also have a neighbour who's more than willing to put the boot in and have a go at you for everything they think you're not doing right.

That's exactly what happened to Jessica and Karl Ronnevik, parents of 1-year-old Peter, who were utterly astonished to find a handwritten note from their neighbour stuck to their front door.


The note read:

"Please consider buying a parenting book or consult with a child care expert.

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"Your baby should not be crying that loudly and for that long. Try more calming techniques, music, turn on a vacuum, rocking chair, go for a walk… anything! Also, you might consider switching bedrooms.

"I have lived in The Mill for 15 years and never had neighbours as loud or disruptive.

"If you don’t makes changes immediately, you risk being fined by the [homeowners] association.”

Shocked by his actions, Jessica and Karl made a pretty big decision - they took their story to Fox News.


Fox News in turn contacted the neighbour who said he stood by his note.

"After being awakened each morning and each night for the last several months (despite wearing earplugs), I was simply reminding the young couple of this and encouraging them to take the matter more seriously.

"There are many different strategies that parents can use to minimize the negative effects of a child's meltdown.

"The note was also a reminder that any excessively loud noise that interferes with the rights of neighbours is subject to possible fines, as indicated in section 4 of the HOA Rules & Regulations."

Jessica and Karl have another baby on the way, and have made the drastic decision to MOVE out of their home, because the stress of the situation is just too much for them.

Speaking abut the note, Karl said: “It's incredibly rude and presumptuous. There’s only one baby that needs to stop crying and it’s not our son.”


We can't know for sure who's 'right' in this case without actually being there - but have you ever had complaints from a neighbour abut your baby making too much noise? What did you do?

Would you ever consider moving house because of it?

Or perhaps you think the neighbour has a point? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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