It’s no secret – some babies seem to love a good cry.


Some kids also like to start bawling their eyes out at the most inopportune times, in the most inconvenient places...

Who knew Blub Fest 2016 would be taking place in the middle of the supermarket today?

And though we’re used to seeing Prince George smiling in sweater vests and Princess Charlotte looking utterly adorable, we reckon even royal babies occasionally go for a good wail, too.

At a recent event for mental health charity Heads Together, dad Prince William revealed that while 1-year-old Charlotte isn’t much of a crier, he does have a special little trick for when George turns on the waterworks.

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So, what’s his secret? What does the future King of England do when the 2-year-old Prince just. Won’t. Stop. Crying?

He, er, turns on the waterworks.

Yes, according to US Weekly, Prince William calms his son by turning on the tap and letting the water run because the sound seems to settle him down. Simple, but effective, eh?

And now we’re curious – what do you do when your baby boards the runaway train to Teartown?

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