Couples want firstborn baby to be a boy

Two thirds of newlyweds want a son for their first child, says new poll


Many newlywed couples admit to wanting their first baby to be a boy, a survey by has revealed.


The poll showed 66% of the 1,289 newlyweds were wishing for a son, and for a variety of reasons.  The most common (53%), was because they thought a boy would ‘look after’ his younger siblings, though 21% said it was so he could ‘continue the family name’.

Only one in five newlyweds said they would prefer a baby girl as their first born, with 41% feeling a girl would be a more responsible role model for her younger siblings.

More shockingly, the poll revealed that 3% of newlyweds said they wouldn’t want to have a daughter at all.  However, 58% said they would prefer a baby girl as their second child.

The remaining 16% said they had no preference on the gender of their first child, and reassuringly, 98% agreed the main priority above gender is to have a healthy baby.  Phew!


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