Courtney Cox’s 7 year old daughter has hair highlighted

Coco Arquette was spotted leaving a hair salon with freshly highlighted blonde hair, hand in hand with mum Courtney


Coco Arquette may only be 7 but she has already started taking an interest in her appearance. She was snapped skipping out of a hair salon, her former brown hair now with added blonde streaks.


Coco may have had inspiration from her godmum, Jennifer Aniston, who has been a good friend to Courtney Cox and her daughter for years.

From the huge smile on her face it seems Coco loves her new look.

However, mum Courtney doesn’t look in the best of moods as she accompanies her daughter from a hair salon in America. Courtney and Coco’s dad, David Arquette recently divorced after an 11 year marriage.

Last month, Coco was spotted having her hair highlighted blue and purple, a few days before her 7th birthday.

Would you let your 7-year-old have highlights in her hair?

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