Cowell: my baby won’t speak American

Simon plans to play his baby tapes of his own English accent


When Simon Cowell’s baby is born, he will live in the US with his fiancée Lauren Silverman so he’s sure to pick up an American accent, right?


Absolutely not, according to the dad-to-be, who’s come up with an ingenious plan to make sure his tot speaks in proper English tones.

According to the Mirror, while his baby son sleeps, Simon will playing his baby tapes of himself speaking in his English accent.

Cowell adds that he’ll know his plan has worked when his son’s first words are “‘Hello, Simon…’ not ‘Hi, Simon’.”

Simon’s also revealed that he’s preparing for the birth in February – by caring for two puppies.

He told E! News in the US: “I bought Squiddly and Diddly as a means of preparation. I feel this real kind of protective love.

“God only knows what I’ll be like with a baby.”

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