Cow’s milk good for newborn babies?

Early exposure to cow’s milk could reduce chances of later allergies, say researchers


Newborn babies who are introduced to cow’s milk soon after birth have been found to be less likely to develop an allergy later in childhood.


“Women who regularly (daily) introduced their babies to cow milk protein early, before 15 days of life, almost completely eliminated the incidence of allergy to cow milk protein in their babies,” said Professor Yitzhak Katz, one of the researchers at the University of Tel Aviv.

Current recommendations are that cow’s milk should not be given to babies under 1 year. This study also agrees that if your baby is not exposed to the milk in his early days, it’s best avoided until after his first birthday. This is because the period between 3 and 5 months is when babies are most likely to develop an allergy to the proteins found in cow’s milk.


If you’re having trouble introducing cow’s milk, find out if you baby is allergic with our guide to the signs of milk intolerance.

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