Creative play tops mums’ priority lists

Despite academic pressure on children, mums still keen on their children learning by playing


After the Government’s announced plans this week to shake up the school curriculum, increasing academic pressure for young children, a new survey shows the majority of mums still think creative play is the best way to learn.


Toy company Playmobil asked 1,000 mums of under-10s how they feel about their child’s learning and development. Over a quarter felt the academic pressures on young children these days is too much. But while the majority of mums agreed academic pressure was necessary to help their children learn, most think learning through creative play and encouraging them to use their imaginations is more effective.

Half of the mums felt creativity was more important than academic success for young children and 75% prefer their children to play made-up games rather than computer games or use so-called educational toys.

“What stands out from this survey is that modern mums are championing age-old traditional play that exercises the imagination, stimulates their minds and involves the whole family.” said Jamie Dickinson from Playmobil UK.


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