Cruz Beckham’s 7th birthday overseen by Harper?

From her prime viewing position on dad David’s shoulder, baby Harper keeps the Beckham boys in check at Cruz’s 7th birthday


David Beckham and his three boys took to an LA bowling alley to celebrate Cruz’s 7th birthday. Mum Victoria, who was busy with the Oscars, left baby Harper to represent the Beckham girls. Harper, who’s quite used to being carried (yes, regardless of how special her buggy is!) remained safely nestled on dad David’s shoulders. Complete with a very Posh-esque pout, you’d be forgiven for thinking Victoria was actually there.


The boys seemed to be in great spirits, arriving laden with a huge selection of balloons. Cruz sported a cute pink t-shirt with a slogan that seemed to suggest he gets his looks from his dad (lucky thing!). Opting for a slightly different look, Brooklyn had a neck full of multi coloured beads. No, we’re not sure either.

Harper, dressed in her usual outfit of dress, thick woolly tights and no shoes, looked a bit bored by the whole thing. Well, it’s hardly front row at a fashion event, is it? But at least from her elevated position she could keep those cheeky boys in check. Maybe that’s why Victoria wears those high heels!


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