It's nice to get out and about if you can when you're a new mum, even if it's just to the local cafe for a cuppa with friends.


Though, of course, when there's a baby in tow there's always a chance there could be a bit of fussing and crying.

And, if that does happen, you'll hopefully have another customer or 2 give you an understanding glance and friendly smile.

But here at MFM HQ we know all to well, that's not always the case - as this latest, story, from a mum from Surrey, goes to show.

Emma Green told Get Surrey what happened when she took her baby boy to a cafe in Knaphill:

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"He was very tired, but sometimes doesn't feel like sleeping so he was having a grizzle.

"I took him outside to see if that helped, which it did, but after five minutes he started crying and grizzling again so I was trying to calm him down at the table.

"A woman then came up to me and softly said to me: 'I came out for a quiet coffee but I can't enjoy it because of your baby. The other people and staff are all offended that you're still here with a crying child.

"'People are trying to enjoy their morning and we don't want to hear your baby cry. I see mums come in here with toddlers climbing on tables and it is unacceptable behaviour.

"I expect those mums and you to leave and stay at home - I hope I haven't offended you.'"

A friend of Emma's apparently told the stranger her comments were inoffensive, but the new mum still decided to leave.

The cafe owners apologised, saying it was a family-friendly business, and Emma later said:

"I am always conscious of where I go with young children, especially restaurants, because I understand people don't want to hear babies cry but a coffee shop is normally filled with mums as well as other customers."


Now, we do get that it's not ideal when a baby starts bawling in a cafe or restaurant where everyone (mum included) is trying to have a chat and a sit down. But it happens.

And it's not the end of the world is it? Often the crying blows over soon enough and peace is restored.

And we do think it's such a shame to leave any mum red-faced and feeling she's done something wrong...

What do you think?

Have you ever had an encounter like this in a cafe? Or have you found people to be generally friendly? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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