CT scans in pregnancy don’t pose cancer risk

Good news for mums-to-be worried about medical test


CT scans don’t pose any risk of cancer caused by radiation, according to new research by a team of Canadian scientists, reports CTV.


The researchers looked carefully at the medical records of 1.8 million mums and discovered that of the 5,590 mums-to-be who underwent CT scans during pregnancy, there were only four cases where their child then developed cancer.

The key thing was that scientists didn’t see a higher number of childhood cancers among children of mums who had been exposed to CT scans or nuclear medicine tests.

However, although the research proves that CT scans don’t pose a cancer risk, the research doesn’t change the chances that a child my develop cancer.


“It’s always possible that the rate of childhood cancer is actually still higher in statistical terms, but it can’t be particularly much higher. And the absolute risk is still phenomenally low for childhood cancer, anyway,” explained Dr Joel Ray, co-author of the report.

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