Cute video! Boy caught dancing his heart out in a shop

So you think you can dance? This little boy obviously does as he unwittingly shows off his dance moves in a shop, in full view of a shopping centre


Busting a few moves is usually reserved for the dancefloor, but for this little lad from Washington, USA, the shop floor was all he needed to get down with his bad self!


This adorable YouTube video clip shows a boy exhibiting some seriously impressive moves whilst waiting for his parents to finish shopping in a technology store. Dancing his way through a sequence on the video game, the boy danced like no-one was watching… although, they were!

The mini mover attracted the attention of passerbys in the shopping centre. They were left gawping at his quick step moves, but the little boy seemed oblivious to his audience.


Could you be witnessing a mini-Justin Timberlake in the making? Either way, this tiny dancer made MFM’s Monday!

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