Ahhhh, bathtime. It can be such a lovely time for littles one to play and relax. Or, according to this dad, build a 10ft bubble wall ?

We had to laugh when we saw this video (watch it here), shared on Facebook page Love What Matters, showing 4 little ones having the time of their life in the bubbliest bath the world has EVER seen ?

The dad responsible captioned the vid like this: "Sometimes, bath time gets out of control. Sometimes, being a good husband means simply being a good dad.

"Give your wife a break and take over bathtime now and then!"

Most people LOVED it - but a few took exception to his 'give your wife a break comment' ?

"Sorry, I know there is always one and this time its going to be me... 'give your wife a break and take over bathtime now and then'.

"Cos yeh bathtime is the wife's job all the time. Go on, be a good husband and help your wife with her tedious jobs.

"How about you share the bathtime responsibilities instead and don't pat yourself on the back for 'helping the wife' That said, awesome bubbles!!"

Another put it plainly: "This is an adorable video. But I do have a question: is it not the dad's job to give the kids baths, too? What year is it?

"Your wording suggests that it's the mother's job and that dads should step in from time to time to "help out." Help out? This is their job, too, friend."

And one mum said this: "Be the best dad and husband by “taking over bath time now and then”. I don’t get any cookies or accolades when I do these things, or any of the other “jobs” that apparently only women are supposed to do?

"I want my cookie! *Preferably chocolate chip, please and thank you."

Others also wondered who was going to clear the whole thing up: "Moms don't get breaks... bet she had to mop that slippery floor the next day, clean the bubble residue off the tub, and wash those extra soapy towels.

"Men and their ingenious ideas ?"

We do definitely get what they're saying, but on the other hand, we do kind of have to say fair play to this dad for providing such a super fun bathtime. One fan said "This memory will stick with those kids until they die." ❤️

And we really want to know where that bubble bath's from, it's awesome ??

Image: Facebook/Love What Matters

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