A dad had to use his rugby ball catching skills outside the maternity unit after his wife went into labour unexpectedly and he had to 'catch' his son as she gave birth standing up against a wall!

Rugby captain Jamie Green and wife Vicky rushed to Addenbrooke Hospital, Cambridge when Vicky's contractions started. When they arrived, the doors to the maternity unit were locked, forcing Vicky to lean against the foyer doors and push.

Jamie crouched down behind his wife and 'caught' his baby son as he was born. "I just thought, 'it's me or nothing', so I had to catch him otherwise he would have hit the floor," explained Jamie in the Daily Mail. "I caught him like he was a rugby ball and held him tightly against my chest like I would have done in a game, to keep him warm."

Their 9lb 4oz son Jonathan was born safe and sound, and in fact the dramatic birth was all captured on CCTV - what mum Vicky thinks about that we're not sure! A spokesman for the Addenbrooke Hospital said the maternity unit had been locked for renovation and the main doors due to staff protection.