Dad delivers and revives own baby

Superdad uses what he’d seen on TV to help partner give birth


Dad Dave Brown became a superhero to his partner Emma after delivering and reviving their baby.


Mum-to-be Emma told reporters she was sent home from the North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke, the day before Maisie was born. She returned to hospital the following morning and was again advised to rest back at home.

“They said go home, take two paracetamol and have a lie down. We went home and few hours later I was lying down when it just happened,” mum Emma said.

“I kept telling Emma, ‘Keep breathing, do your breathing’, but I didn’t know that’s what I was supposed to say, I’d just seen them say it on telly,” added new dad Dave.

“When she (Maisie) came out she was blue. I blew into her mouth and she started coughing and screaming,” Dave said. Soon after, an ambulance arrived and took new mum Emma and newborn Maisie to the hospital.


It’s not uncommon for mums-to-be to get sent home from the hospital before they go into labour. As Sandra Housten, head of midwifery at the North Hampshire Hospital explained: “Every effort is made to ensure women are assessed and able to spend the early part of labour at home and then deliver safely in hospital.”

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