Dad delivers baby then saves her life

Irish dad resuscitated his daughter after she was born prematurely


A Belfast dad has thanked the person at the end of his 999 call who helped him save his baby’s life after she was born prematurely at home.


Padraig McCracken’s pregnant partner, Collette, went into labour four weeks before their baby was due.

“My girlfriend said she was having pains so we were getting ready to go to the hospital, next thing I just saw the head of the child coming out,” said Padraig. “I was panicking and phoned the emergency services but by that time the baby was out.”

However, soon after she was born Padraig’s daughter stopped breathing. “I told the girl on the phone what was happening and she started to tell me over the phone how to perform CPR,” said Padraig. “As I did it the child started breathing again and then she started crying so I knew everything was alright.”


Padraig said he will be eternally grateful to the lady on the other end of his 999 call.


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