Dad designs baby grow that detects illness

A father from Suffolk has invented a baby grow suit that changes colour when they get too hot.


The cleverly named ‘babyglows’ are the brainchild of Chris Ebejer, 42. They come in pink, blue and green and all turn white when the baby’s temperature rises above 37 degrees.


Chris began his work 6 years ago after watching a documentary on babies, and has spent around £700,000 working with scientists to develop the suits. His work has finally paid off and he has now signed a £12.5 million contract with a manufacturer to take the Babyglows global.

“Mothers are going to find these invaluable,” said Chris. “Heat is invisible. The suit changes that and makes it visible and it communicates to the mother where a baby can’t.”


Available from October, Babyglows are prices at £20 a pack.

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