Dad fakes death to get out of paying for 9th baby

Britain’s most feckless dad has tried to escape paying child support by ‘dying’


Keith MacDonald, known in the tabloids as Britain’s most feckless dad, has gone to new extremes to escape his parental responsibilities by allegedly faking his own death.


With a ninth child on the way, Keith, 25, was desperate to get out of paying anymore than the £5 per child he currently gives, reports the Daily Mail.

Sending a text to his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Claire Bryant, 22, Keith posed as his friend, claiming he had died.

“The messages said Keith had died at his girlfriend’s house. I got in touch with the police and hospitals but nobody could tell me anything,” said Claire, who is pregnant with her second child by Keith. Her first is Paige, now 1.

Later admitting his scam, Keith contacted Claire himself.

“He eventually admitted what he had done, said sorry and that he wanted to get away from his life. I told him it was the life he had built for himself. I’m so angry; I don’t want anything more to do with him. What he has done is beyond belief,” said Claire.


“I get so much hassle from everybody,” said Keith, who denies all but one of his children, on the grounds that they have different hair colour to him.

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