When your baby gets to the age where they kind of look like they could start talking… that’s when it happens.


Suddenly, every s-bomb or f-bomb isn’t just a throwaway swear, it could be your precious little one’s first ever word!

As they grow older, they’ll be sharing all the swears they’ve heard in the world around them (because it’s not like mum and dad are the only swear-ers out there).

Shouting them out at a family gathering, at school, in public… the list of wonderful possibilities is endless ?

Perhaps you managed to curb your swearing the moment your child entered your life (how did you do it?) or maybe you never really swore at all… but some of us find it to be, let's just say, a bit more of a challenge.

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New dad Matt Coyne, who runs the funny parenting blog Man Vs Baby, and his partner Lyns decided he needed to tackle his ‘potty mouth’ problem - with a swear jar – before his son Charlie started copying him.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Lyns is of the opinion that I need to curb my language now that Charlie's in the house. Preferably before he starts talking.

“So I now have a swear jar. Her idea that I chuck in a quid for every profanity seemed a bit harsh so I've negotiated a sliding scale of penalties.”


The swear jar seems like a reasonable solution – you say (in Matt's case, a rather creative and very specific) ‘naughty’ word, you pop a bit of money in the jar.

Over time, you get so sick of putting pound after pound in the jar, that you slowly teach yourself to stop swearing. Right? Right??

Guess not!

Matt updated his 112k Facebook fans just two days later:

“To be honest, it's not going well. I had no idea how much I casually swear.

“After 2 days I've just emptied the jar and if I keep it up, by this time next week, there'll be enough to buy him a small semi-detached house in Leeds.”

We can totally relate to this. It can be hard to give up something habitual when you become a parent for the first time, especially when it’s a thing you don’t really give much thought to, like your language.

But if you ask us - a house deposit for baby in just a week sounds grand: so it's certainly one way to save. Maybe keep it up a for a few days longer ?

Did you try a swear jar, or does your little one copy the swear words they’ve heard? We’d love to hear your stories on Facebook and Twitter

Images: Facebook/Man Vs Baby

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