Dad ‘improves’ his children’s drawings

Father takes crayons and watercolours to his kids' art


A dad in the US has created amazing pictures – by colouring in his kids’ art.


Pictures on the image-sharing site imgur show the original wobbly-line drawings his 4-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son made, side by side with how they look once their dad had coloured them in, using pencils and watercolours.

“I fly out of state to work 10 days out of each month,” writes the anonymous dad. “When I go, the kids give me pictures they’ve drawn. I colour them on the plane and give the pictures back to them when I return. Nothing fancy. The kids love them.”

So, do you love them? Or should he have left his children’s art untouched? What do you think? Please do add a comment and let us know…

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