Dad reveals what he REALLY thinks of his wife’s post-baby bod

'Changes be damned, she's the same smokin' spitfire redhead she's always been' Yep, well said!


Here at MFM HQ, we regularly cover all sorts of stories about post-baby bodies – from the personal trainer who says she feels self-conscious about her ‘mum-tum‘ to singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor who revealed how different her body is after 4 kids and how totally OK she is with that.


But this particular story stood out for us because it’s come from a dad. Brett Otler has opened up about how he feels about his wife’s body after she’s had a baby. And, we think, quite frankly, he’s nailed it.

On his Fatherly blog, US dad Brett writes: “Let’s be clear: my wife’s body has changed because of pregnancy, but so what? Changes be damned, she’s the same smokin’ spitfire redhead she’s always been.

“And my body has changed, too. When I got married, I was 27. I was a weightlifter, a runner, and I still had the sensibility of the wrestler I once was.

“Today, the only time I lift is when I fly my infant daughter around the room; my usual run involves chasing my 3-year-old while pretending to be the Snow Monster from Frozen, and the biggest opponent I wrestle with is the question of having 3 pieces of pizza or 6 when we splurge for delivery.”

Brett goes on to point out the double standards when it comes to how people talk about women’s bodies and men’s bodies, adding:

“If one of your beer-league softball buddies is laid up for months, gains a lot of weight in the process, and then has to undergo a major abdominal surgery, I can guarantee you’d never find yourself wondering aloud about his abs, scars, or less-perky pecs. That’s because you’d be too busy high-fiving him and saying, ‘Dude, you lived!’

“The only difference between that scenario and a pregnancy is, assuming all went well, your partner not only survived but also miraculously produced a human.”

And to sum up exactly what he thinks of his wife’s post-pregnancy body, Brett says: “I love my wife’s postnatal body because, when I look at it, I see my family, and my family makes life worth living every day.

“Also because, after everything I put her through, she still sleeps with me.”

Hear, hear, Brett. We think we love you!

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