Dad saves his daughter’s school from closure – by buying it!

A businessman has purchased his 3-year-old girl's school for £1 million.


A doting dad (with very deep pockets) has forked out a cool £1 million to save his 3-year-old daughter’s school.
Businessman Matt Hill, 38, was devastated when he heard little Olivia’s school would be forced to close at the end of this term. But rather than rush to enroll his daughter in another school, he decided to buy The Mill School in Potterne, Wiltshire.
Matt plans to use the £7,500-a-year school to host classes in the evenings and non-term times for his training company, Forward Thinking Solutions.


“It was such a wonderful day when we could tell the parents the school didn’t have to close. When I told my class they cheered,” said deputy head Sylvia Parry.

We’d be cheering too if our dad stumped up so much cash. We can only guess what Olivia gets for pocket money!


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