Dad takes son out of school because of ponytail

School’s strict ban on ponytails for boys infringes human rights, says dad


An 11-year-old schoolboy has been taken out of school by his dad, after the boy was told to cut off his ponytail.


Connor Wallword, who started secondary school this September, has been told to cut his hair because it breaches the strict uniform code at Westhoughton High, Bolton.

“The school has a clear uniform code which covers uniform and hairstyles,” explained headteacher Phil Hard. “This is published to all our parents and carers and is part of the student planner.

“We ask for the support of all parents and carers in supporting our high standards and ensuring the uniform code is followed by every student,” Phil added.

However, dad Geoff reckons his son’s human rights have been infringed by the demands to get rid of his long hairdo. “They asked me if it is a religious thing. It’s not but it is what my son believes,” Geoff said. “It’s all right for girls but not for lads, it’s an infringement of his human rights, he’s not hurting anyone.”

While Geoff has asked the school to send work home for his son, Conor’s not as pleased to be missing school as you might think.  “School has been all right apart from the problem with my hair,” he said. “But it has upset me a bit.”

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