‘Dad Test’ to help ensure organisations meet needs of male carers

Fathers Plus launches Dad Test Audit Toolkit


A new programme called The Dad Test Audit has been developed by Fathers Plus to help organisations improve the services they offer to dads and other male carers.


The Dad Test focuses on six areas including leadership support and father-friendly communications and hopes to improve family services for all male carers, such as fathers-to-be, dads, granddads, step-dads, uncles and brothers.

The audit has been created as including dads is now a specific element of OFSTED inspection reports in children’s centres.
“By using the Dad Test Audit Toolkit organisations will be able to identify their individual strengths and share examples of best practice with other institutions,” said David Van der Velde, service manager at Children North East Fathers Plus.


“The toolkit supports organisations to develop an action plan to make the services more inclusive.”

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