Dad-to-be signed off work with morning sickness

Security guard off work for girlfriend's pregnancy because of his baby sickness symptoms


A 29-year-old dad-to-be has been signed off work with morning sickness.


Harry Ashby is thought to be the first man to ever be officially excused from work because of pregnancy symptoms.

He told reporters that his acute nausea has left him with much sympathy for the Duchess of Cambridge who is currently suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum with her second pregnancy.

Harry’s fiancee Charlotte Allsopp is expecting the couple’s baby in January. She said it was tiring looking after him at a time when he should be looking after her, and added that it “proves women are tougher than blokes when it comes to pregnancy”.

Former model Harry has also gained half a stone in weight, and has had back pain and food cravings since Charlotte, 19, revealed she was expecting. He said he had developed a particular fondness for salt and vinegar crisps which he usually hates. 

Doctors have given Harry medication for his nausea. He is believed to be suffering from Couvade syndrome, or sympathetic pregnancy.

He and Charlotte think his symptoms might have been caused by the distress of the pair losing a baby in 2012.

image posed by model: shutterstock/ igor.stevanovic

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