Dad tricks his wife into naming their daughter after Arsenal football club

How on earth did he get away with this?


These days, when picking a baby name, everyone wants something unique. So how about Lanesra? Ooh, it sounds a bit mystical and majestic doesn’t it?


Well, that’s how an Australian mum got duped into giving her daughter the moniker.

It wasn’t until TWO YEARS later that her husband revealed the real meaning behind the name… his favourite football club!

Lanesra is Arsenal backwards! Oh, we would be fuming…

The hilarious story of baby name deception was revealed in a clipping from Australian House Proud magazine.

It does go with the trend for backwards-spelled names including Nevaeh (Heaven spelt backwards).

Oh well, we suppose it’s prettier than Alliv Notsa (Aston Villa) or Mahluf (Fulham). We think he’s just about got away with it!

Would you let your partner name your daughter Lanesra?

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