Dadchelor parties: why dads are having their own baby showers

It's a time to practice putting on nappies, wear a baby carrier and erm… drink beer


Women have had the monopoly on baby showers for generations. It’s a time when you can celebrate your impending motherhood with friends, family and work colleagues – and ideally eat some cake.


And while many couples now share their baby shower and have both men and women present (it is 2016 afterall), a new trend has started in America for men to have a baby shower of their own.

Called Dadchelor parties or manshowers, the gathering of men in honour of the dad-to-be seem to involve a LOT of nappies and even more beer.

Cake and bourbon

Diaper keg

Getting in some practice

Dressing as a baby

Enjoying a spot of cake

Practicing changing nappies

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