Dad’s finger bitten off at school Nativity play

Parents brawl waiting for Christmas play to start at school in Tyneside


Plenty of parents have felt a bit miffed at their child playing one of the 20 shepherds in the school Nativity play, but most accept the decision with grace and dig out a suitable tea towel. But at one school in Tyneside, the stress of the season appeared to be too much, with parents coming to blows while waiting for the school Nativity to start.


“Two men started to fight in front of all the mums and dads,” said one witness, who was in the room waiting for Harton Primary School’s Nativity to start. “One bit the finger off the other and spat the blood out like an animal.”

The fight broke out at lunchtime, as parents waited to see their children perform the Nativity play. No children were present at the time and teachers quickly broke up the fight.

“We were all waiting in a room for the show to start,” said one dad, who also witnessed the event. “I’d got there early to make sure I got a good seat.

“I heard a bit of noise from the back of the room and looking around to see what was happening. A man in a white hat stormed in and went for another dad.”

“They were fighting and blood was flying. I didn’t see it but I heard that a finger was bitten off.”

One man was taken to hospital and the other was arrested. There’s still no word on what the fight was about.

We know it’s a stressful time of year, but deep breaths!

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