Dad shares hilariously bleak birthday card from 11-year-old daughter

'Life's a waterslide, where you die at the end…'


Forget Hallmark, there’s nothing quite like receiving a handmade card from your child.


Their sweet drawings and a birthday wish in their endearing scrawl is enough to melt our hearts and earn a place on the mantelpiece for months. (After which we’ll lovingly put it in the shoebox at the bottom of our wardrobe that’s already overflowing with keepsakes.)

So imagine how touched American writer and TV presenter Brian Sack was when he was presented with a card made from his 11-year-old daughter? But we imagine his smile quickly turned to terror as he read the bleak message.

“Life’s a waterslide where you die at the end…” she wrote. She then drew a picture illustrating just how close her dad is to death. Charming!

Well, if that won’t terrify you on your birthday, we don’t know what will.

Brian tweeted the card and it’s so far been retweeted over 41k times.

“I’m at the hot dog phase myself,” one fan tweeted. “I like how you slowly grow facial hair and a cane during the slide,” another added.

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