Dad’s iPad – your toddler’s new favourite toy

Calls for a toddler mode on Apple’s iPad as children fall for the shiny new toy


Fascinated by the tactile possibilities of touch screen technology, its seems children and toddlers are almost as obsessed with the iPad as their mums and dads. But unlike the popular US touch screen phone the Android, the iPhone and iPad are missing a toddler mode.


The idea of a “toddler mode” was brought up on the Telegraph’s technology blog after US blogger Jason Kottke advised developers to watch the way toddlers use the iPad to understand how to make the technology as accessible as possible.

“If you haven’t watched a preschooler using a touch screen device, you really should. It’s fascinating how quickly they learn things and just can’t get the hang of other things. It’s a really eye opening experience,” Jason said.

The iPad already has toddler friendly apps that bounce bright colours and shapes around the screen but no lock function to prevent toddlers getting out of this screen and potentially causing iPad havoc!

The iPad has also been recommended by mums of children with autism as there are programs and apps which some parents are claiming can help develop their communication.


Could we be seeing a whole new market for the £500, supposedly non-essential gadget? Would you offer it to your toddler?


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