Hehehe ?


Well, we had quite the chuckle when we came across this dad’s Facebook post this morning.

Cosi Andrew Costello, a dad from Australia (and also a presenter at Channel 9 News), took to Facebook to share a tidbit from his family life - one we think will have many of you nodding along in agreement.

"Our school bags are out. Found some VINTAGE LUNCH FROM 2016!!! Oops... ?” he joked beside the above pic, which shows mum making the discovery.


Vintage lunch is certainly a nice way of putting it… we’d probably go with the classic ‘mouldy fruit smushed in the bottom of the bag’.

And there’s no denying that clearing out old school bags and lunch boxes can be one of the more, er, unpleasant sides of parenting.

Show us your pics

Cosi asked his followers to show him what was lurking in the bottom of their kids’ school bags, so we wanted to ask YOU for yours ??????

Or maybe you’re better than us at checking to see what’s been eaten and what’s not?

Let us know either way over on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram!

Images: Facebook/Cosi Andrew Costello

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