Aussie parents are going crackers over this rather sexy ad with Santa in…


Ho, ho, hold up – we’re not saying Santa’s the sexy one. Obvs ? It’s actually the scantily-clad women straddling him that are causing the outcry.

Basically, lingerie brand Honey Birdette have pushed the sleigh out a bit with their latest ad campaign.

In the imagery and the video, Honey Birdette says: “We’ve given Santa the night off… sorry kids!” Suddenly, a bunch of models in lingerie are all over Santa, sitting on his lap, straddling him and, erm, thrusting.

He certainly doesn’t look unhappy about it, either ?

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(Wait, isn’t Santa married to the similarly grey-haired Mrs Claus? ???)

The bit that’s really set people off, though, is the fact that a cut-out of the ad, the image you see above, has been plastered all over Honey Birdette’s shop front in Melbourne’s Westfield shopping centre.

Parents have argued that any child could walk past it – especially since it’s allegedly not far from a Santa-themed photobooth for kids ???

So, perhaps it’ll come as no shock to learn that over 56,000 people have petitioned for the images to be removed from plain sight.

The petition was started by a dad named Kenneth Thor, who had to field some awkward questions from his 4 and 6 year olds when he was trying to get them past the ad quickly during a shopping trip.

And Cathy Trew, from Melbourne, has slammed Westfield on Facebook, saying:

“Exposing children to adult sexual ‘humour'’ involving Santa is a careless encroachment on childhood innocence and joy, and confusing.

“Seeing Santa with almost nude women in a sexual/intimate context is too complex for them to process and not the type of '’adult'’ concept any parent should have to try and explain to a child or toddler.”


AdNews Australia also noted that the video has received another layer of criticism: all of the women at the ‘party’ are in their undies, but Santa’s joined by a few businessmen, fully-dressed in suits.

They’ve reported that the brand’s founder, Eloise Monaghan, called all of the criticism “ridiculous” and is said to have written:

“There’s a disturbing conservative theme out there, but we will keep doing what we do!”

What do you think?

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Images: Instagram/Honey Birdette

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