Dads’ signature to be a legal requirement on birth certificate

Government proposals could see dads forced to sign their child’s birth certificate by law


New dads could be legally required to sign their baby’s birth certificate under new proposed Government legislation. Only mums are currently required to sign the form, with the dad simply being marked ‘unknown’ if he isn’t present.


Some dads haven’t considered it important to sign the birth certificate for their children. Even labour leader Ed Miliband was “too busy” to register his first son for 16 months.

In a bid to reduce the 50,000 babies registered without a named father, the new law could see dads legally obliged to sign the form – even if they’re estranged from the mum.

A Downing Street spokesman claims this is part of an overall move by the Government to “ensure the role of fathers is recognised and strengthened”, when speaking to the Telegraph. It’s suggested that by insisting fathers are named and on record as the baby’s dad they’ll feel an increased sense of responsibility for their child. This comes after the Royal College of Midwives recently released a guide to ensure dads are made to feel more involved during the birth.

We’re not sure how they’ll enforce it, though!


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