Dads sport a baby bump, too… but after the birth

Study reveals new dads gain more than a stone after baby is born


New dads in Britain are said to be putting on an average of one-and-a-half stone after the birth of their baby, reports the Telegraph.


A study says that men are so exhausted by the pressures of work and family life, they’re too tired to look after themselves and are putting on weight.

The study, carried out by Benenden Healthcare in conjunction with Men’s Health Forum, has found that 40% of new dads are also too exhausted to pull their weight at home. They claim one in ten has to “gear himself up” to go home to his family after a long working day and quarter of dads admitted to having naps during week days to catch up on sleep.

“The modern dad’s health is suffering under the strain from diverging pressures such as work and family life,” said Paul Keenan of Benenden Healthcare. 

“As a result, dads are taking shortcuts with their diets, leading to increased weight, more sedentary lifestyle and eventually running the risk of health scares,” he added.

Out of the 2,000 men surveyed, one in three said that financial pressures and fears over job stability also contributed. Researchers claim that many dads said that they felt too tired to play with their children. 

Dr Ian banks, president of Men’s Health Forum, commented on the findings: “Men are facing an uphill struggle when it comes to their health when they become fathers.”

“Heart disease is the biggest cause of premature death in men,” he said. “We’re saying you only live once, if you want to be around to see your kids grow up you need to stay healthy.”


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