Dads-to-be push partners to go to hospital too early

New study shows jumpy fathers are rushing to maternity units too soon


Panicky dads-to-be are persuading their partners to go to hospital too early in labour. Midwives believe women are better off at home in the early stages, but new research shows over-anxious fathers are rushing their partners to hospital too soon.


More than 2,000 first-time mums were quizzed about their experience of early labour for the survey. Researcher Mary Nolan, Professor of Perinatal Education at the University of Worcester, found women had similar views on how their partner’s anxiety had persuaded them to go to hospital earlier than necessary.

“Women were, understandably, very influenced by the people who were around them at the time – their partners and sometimes, their mum or mum-in-law,” said Professor Nolan. “Some of the women felt they had gone earlier to hospital than they would otherwise have done to ease their partner’s anxiety.”


Did you have a panicky partner or were you the one who was eager to get to the hospital? Let us know below…

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