Dangers of ‘lunchtime boob jobs’

Plastic surgeons issue warning over the jab used in ‘lunchtime boob jobs’.


If you think your breasts aren’t quite what they where BC (before child), and are tempted by a ‘lunchtime boob job’, beware of the risks. Plastic surgeons have issued a warning over the risks of cosmetic fillers injected in such procedures.


In the last year, almost a third of surgeons have seen between 1 to12 people suffering complications after treatment with an injectable filler called Macrolane, a poll for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) revealed.

The jab contains a gel to help contour the body, and can cost up to £3,000.

BAAPS has issued a warning over ‘botched’ procedures using Macrolane.

There are many cosmetic fillers on the market, used to smooth or plump up the skin. They can be a temporary fix or give a more permanent result. One in four surgeons said they have carried out procedures to correct problems connected to the use of permanent fillers.


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