Danielle Lineker says mums shouldn’t ‘sweat the small stuff’

After suffering PND Danielle says it’s important to know that being mum doesn’t mean being superwoman


Danielle Lineker reveals that keeping a level head is important for mums – even if she has a daughter who’s 10 going on 20.


“Mums see Angelina Jolie and her six kids looking beautiful and it puts the pressure on,” says Danielle.

But being a mum doesn’t have to be competitive. “Don’t ever compare yourself to another mum. Take as much help as possible and don’t sweat the small stuff,” Danielle continues.

Speaking exclusively to MadeForMums, Danielle, who is married to football pundit Gary Lineker, described how, after a traumatic childbirth with her daughter Ella, she suffered Postnatal Depression (PND).

“Mums are frightened to say that and we shouldn’t be. Being a mum is a shock to the system. But as long as there’s love and happiness in a family, that’s all that really matters.”

Danielle’s top tips for other mums are to always carry baby wipes and hand gel. “I’m a bit OCD on hand gel,” Danielle jokes, adding that you’ll always need baby wipes no matter how old your children are.

Danielle is the ambassador for the Argos Toy Exchange, an initiative launched in partnership with Barnardo’s to encourage families to donate toys to raise money for the UK’s most disadvantaged children.

From tomorrow you’ll be able to donate old toys to an Argos store in return for a £5 gift voucher (valid until December 24th). The used toys will be used to raise money for children in the UK who are less fortunate.

Danielle told us it’s a great scheme for mums to get involved in as it’s easy to have a quick sort of the toy box, there’s “no crazy mission”. 

Danielle admits Ella struggles to part with toys, revealing she still has a stuffed toy Gary bought her when she was 5-years-old, but she’ll learn something from it. “During the day Ella might think she’s 20 and want to shop in Top Shop, but she’s a like a 5-year-old at night with her toy,” says Danielle.

On the campaign Danielle says, “I want Ella to know that she’s not doing it to get a voucher towards a new toy, but that it’s for the good of others.” Although, we bargain if we asked Danielle to part with her beloved Teddy Ruxpin (the toy she craved as a child), she’d have a thing or two to say!


To find out more information visit www.argos.co.uk, or to donate visit your local Argos or Barnardo’s store.

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