Danielle Lloyd receives treatment for her pregnancy mask

How the telly star is treating her skin condition while she's pregnant...


It hasn’t been the easiest of pregnancies for mum-of-3 Danielle Lloyd.


The 33-year-old TV personality was recently advised to take it easy after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes – and now she’s revealed she’s receiving treatment for another condition: pregnancy mask.

For those of you who don’t know, pregnancy mask (also known as chloasma) is when patches of skin on your face or neck change pigmentation and start to appear darker.

It can be pretty tough to deal with yet another change of your appearance, though luckily, for many, the mask starts to fade after you’ve given birth.

Danielle’s already been through this once before – she even took to Twitter to defend herself after trolls accused her of ‘growing a moustache’ after the birth of her 2nd baby, Harry.

Now she’s experiencing it again, she’s decided to receive a Derma Planning ‘intensive facial’ treatment to stop discolouration of the skin, reports The Sun Online.

The treatment involves deep exfoliation to get rid of dead skins cells – differing from skincare procedures like chemical peels, which aren’t usually recommended during pregnancy.

“[Pregnancy mask] is horrible for women who don’t know what it is,” Danielle, who’s 6 months along, told the paper. “People used to take the p*** saying I was dirty or had a moustache as it was dark above my mouth.”

“After pregnancy I try to get peels and a derma roller and just try to look after my skin as much as possible.”

It seems fellow mums with pregnancy masks were keen to find out more about Danielle’s treatment, after she shared a snap of her facial on Instagram:

“Oh please do share! I have what I believe is this. Seems to be getting darker as we now approach the warmer weather,” wrote one.

While another shared: “Would love to know more about this. Suffered with the pregnancy mask with both pregnancy and left with lasting marks ? “

“Is it chloasma that you have? I still have mine after 3 years and no cream helps! What procedure is it? X”

We’ve got to admit: we didn’t know this kind of skincare treatment for chloasma was available mid-pregnancy. We always assumed you’d have to wait until the baby was born. So thanks for sharing, Danielle.

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Images: Instagram/Danielle Lloyd

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