Danielle Lloyd shares Archie’s toilet training success

Mum-of-two tweets joy as Archie learns to use the toilet


As if a family night out for dinner at TGIs isn’t exciting enough for children, Danielle Lloyd’s eldest son Archie even managed to use the toilet properly. What a champ.


Danielle tweeted, “Archie just went for a wee on the toilet in TGIs!!!! Very proud, looks like toilet training is going the right way now!!!”

The chuffed mum also shared a sweet snap of 2-year-old Archie tucking into his dinner. Danielle wrote, “My little man is getting so big.”

It looks like the little superstar was also trying his hand at some dinner-time games, with a word search tucked under his baked beans (he’s got his priorities right!).

Danielle has also been busy packing up Archie and 1-year-old Harry’s spare clothes, to give to kids in need this Christmas.

If things aren’t going quite so smoothly for you in the toilet department, check out our 5 steps to toilet success. We’ve even got hands on experience from other mums to share with you.


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