Dannii Minogue admits she’s no fashionista on the school run

Usually-polished Dannii Minogue reveals her schoolrun chic-defeat


Dannii Minogue might have been in Sydney promoting a book about how to dress, but she’s hiding an embarrassing style secret – during term-time, she wears the school run ‘uniform’.


She doesn’t mean knee length socks and blazers here, instead Dannii’s talking about the classic outfit worn by busy mums doing the daily the school run – scraped-back hair, t-shirt and sneakers. And now she’s a mum herself, Dannii admits that she totally gets it. “I used to think, ‘Why do [mums] all look the same?’” she told Glamour magazine. “And then I became a mum and got it.”

Dannii’s book, My Style, is much more in keeping with the Dannii we we see on screen. Who can forget the style wars with Cheryl Cole on X Factor? But it’s reassuring to know that come a rushed morning, Dannii dons her trainers like the rest of us.

Keeping it real with fellow mums, Dannii often tweets about being kept up by son Ethan, too. We love that sometimes celeb mums lives are just like the rest of ours!


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