Dannii Minogue suffers post-pregnancy thyroid problem

Dannii Minogue suffers post-pregnancy thyroid problems


Dannii Minogue has revealed that a post-pregnancy thyroid condition triggered her dramatic baby weight loss, and left her feeling weak and exhausted.


In an interview with the Daily Mail the former X Factor judge said, ‘I was finding it hard to pick Ethan up and I was thinking, “I’m a new mum, I know I’m tired, but surely it can’t be this hard?”’

The pop star slimmed down rapidly after giving birth to baby Ethan Edward Smith in July 2010. While magazines admired her svelte figure her health was failing as she suffered from post-natal thyroid problems.

‘Normally you put on weight if you have an under-active thyroid. But there is a percentage of people that have it reversed’, she said. ‘It was very hard to concentrate, you can’t sleep and I got very weak. They explain it to you as running a car without petrol.’

Prima Baby’s Doctor Rob Hicks says, ‘It’s estimated that around one in twenty, possibly more, women experience a postnatal thyroid problem called thyroiditis – when the thyroid is overactive possible symptoms include weight loss despite an increased appetite, heart palpitations, insomnia, and intolerance of heat.’


If you experience any of these symptoms after birth and are worried, speak to your GP.

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