Dannii Minogue’s baby son stops X Factor choice

New mum Dannii returns as X Factor judge but then leaves contestants on tenterhooks after son Ethan cries for food!

Juggling the demands of a newborn baby and being a TV judge on X Factor caught up with Dannii Minogue when she had to cut short telling singing hopefuls that they had made it to the live shows after her two-month old son started crying!


New mum Dannii, 38, left her contestants desperately waiting to hear if they had made it through to the final stages after being invited to her home in Australia because crying Ethan was hungry in the other room. According to insiders, Dannii had to rush off at a “critical moment” during filming.

However, Dannii remained “very professional throughout, juggling her mummy duties and her job” adding that “it didn’t do anything for her nerves”.


Has your baby ever demanded attention at inconvenient times? We’d love to know!

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