Controversial internet personality Dapper Laughs is back in the headlines, this time thanks to his impending fatherhood. It's been reported that he’ll be Snapchatting the birth of his first child.


Dapper – real name Daniel O’Reilly – is perhaps best known for the backlash against his contentious shows including the ITV2 series called On The Pull, which was quickly pulled off the air. He’s also well known online for his (again, controversial) 7-second Vine sketches and his popular Snapchat channel.

His longtime girlfriend Shelley Rae, who is said to be 7 months pregnant, opened up about the personal decision to livestream her labour to thousands of fans.

"I've been in Dan's Snapchats quite a lot without people really realising it's me,” the model told the Daily Star.

"So this is kind of introducing me as a person, on a more personal level. It'll be nice for people to know who I am instead of just little clips. This is the real us."

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She also said later: “I'd rather be laughing through labour than crying through it!”

Filming labour is certainly nothing new – and we’ve seen new dads livestream their babies being born on Facebook.

But we’re not sure we’ve heard of Snapchatting the birth before.

After all, Snapchat videos are so short - they’re just a few seconds long. And labour is, well, usually not just a few seconds long.

So unless it’ll just be a well-timed ‘highlights’ reel in Daniel’s Snapchat story, rather than a full livestream, we reckon it might be a bit stressful uploading video after video after video.

That said… it sounds like it’s something 32-year-old Daniel’s supporters will want to see!

His pal Gaz Beadle, of Geordie Shore fame, wrote in his Daily Star column:

“Bloody hell, and they’re Snapchatting the birth. If Robbie Williams can do it on social media, so can Dapper."

It seems like the livestream might also be a way for the couple to capture the birth on camera in an unusual way.

Shelley Rae also revealed that being pregnant was something she’d never thought she’d experience. She said that doctors told her she’d never be able to give birth naturally, when she was 25 years old.

“To be told it wouldn't happen for me and then to find out it is happening... I've just embraced everything. It's very exciting," she said.

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Images: Instagram/Daniel O'Reilly

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