It was all happening in the delivery room of Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda. Robbie decided Ayda giving birth was the perfect moment to entertain everyone with live tweets and videos.


In turn, we’ve decided that his wife Ayda must be the most tolerant woman on earth. Singing Frozen’s Let It Go at the top of his voice during contractions would have been the final straw for us - even if it was Robbie Williams. But Ayda just breezes through it. Well, sort of!

After several hours in labour, Ayda gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, who has yet to be named. This is their second child, a little brother to Theodora 'Teddy' Rose Williams.

It all started when Robbie shared a picture of Ayda preparing to give birth in a pair of crystal-encrusted Louboutin stilettos.

"When Ayda goes into labour she comes correct ; )," he tweeted on Monday morning.

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After the first hour, Ayda was in good spirits too and danced seductively to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy.

"He’s loving it," she insisted while Rob looked less than impressed.

"'Nurse, she’s out of her bed again'," Robbie tweeted.

Just 3 hours later and it was Robbie’s turn to dance as Ayda laid in bed, nursing her bump and clearly looking in pain.

Robbie did a routine to his song Candy to try and cheer his wife up.

Robster, we think you’re on very thin ice on this one!

"Me helping," he tweeted hopefully.

Next, the comic duo take a walk down the hospital corridor with Ayda hooked up to different monitors – but it’s Ayda who stops to check if Robbie’s OK.

Well, we’re sure it’s a very tough time for him, watching his wife give birth!

"You'll never walk alone," he tweeted.

Another hour later and Robbie tweets that he’s "holding in there" after staying in hospital with Ayda over night.

"I know you’re really concerned and worried and thinking about what’s going on and I need you to know that I’m doing great," he said. What a relief!

Next the doctor decides to step in to break Ayda’s water to kick-start labour.

"I’m going to break the bag of water," the doctor said.

"Oh god," Ayda grimaces.

"Will any of it go on my gown?" Rob asks.

"Possibly, you may want to step back," the doctor replies.

An hour later and Robbie is holding Ayda’s hand and encouraging her to breathe her way through a contraction.

As the pain subsides, she says: "What were you saying?"

"I made the right decision on these pants, because the other ones really dug into my belly. They’re really comfy," he says while Ayda glares at him. We’re sure the last thing she’s feeling right now is 'comfy'!

A few hours later, the midwife has arrived and Ayda starts to push. So what does Robbie start to do? Sing Frozen with full gusto of course!

"Babe, can you stop singing Frozen!" Ayda shouts as best she can while she strains.

When it’s all over, both mum and dad appear on camera to thank everyone for following their birth story over the last 24 hours.

They announce that "Baby Buddha’s not got a name yet, he’s still figuring it out. He’s 8lb 2 ounces."

"I’ve never been more in love and never been more proud of my wife, she’s been absolutely astonishing," Rob adds.

"Of course, everything we’ve done has been a bit of a laugh and it’s helped Ayda to take her mind off the pain. I hope we made you laugh in the process and it’s made the whole experience really magical and whimsical and lovely," Rob says.

"No mummies were upset or harmed in the making of these videos."

So what do you think of all that? Would Robbie singing help you through labour? Or would you have got him to shut up?

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