Tom Fletcher’s ‘Bump to Buzz’ time-lapse VIDEO

Tom 'McFly' Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have created such a gorgeous time-lapse video diary of her pregnancy, it's already become a YouTube sensation


“I think I’m ready for something new…” So sings Tom ‘McFly’ Fletcher in From Bump To Buzz, the time-lapse pregnancy film he and his wife Giovanna created to document her burgeoning bump.


The black-and-white film, which has already been watched nearly 5 million times since going live on YouTube, features a series of shots of Giovanna and her bump, taken daily throughout the pregnancy.

Tom stands on the opposite side of the frame, strumming away on his guitar and singing, Something New, a catchy little number that seems to perfectly capture the feelings of a young man on the threshold of fatherhood. 

In the final lines of the song, Tom sings, “I guess I’m ready, I think I’m ready, I hope I’m ready, for something new”. As he strums to a close, Giovanna leaves the frame, returning moments later with their new baby son in her arms. Their baby, named Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher, was born on March 13th.

This isn’t the first time Tom and Giovanna have caused a stir on YouTube. In a quirky baby announcement video, they carved the words ‘we’re having a baby’ into a series of Hallowe’en pumpkins. And Tom opted to sing his wedding speech to his wife, changing the words of his band’s hit song Obviously for the occasion.

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