David Cameron speaks out about son, Ivan

“Losing a child is the most painful thing in the world,” says Conservative leader


Dad-of-three David Cameron, 42, has spoken movingly about the death of his 6-year-old son Ivan. Ivan suffered from Ohtahara Syndrome, a combination of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He passed away in February this year.


“Losing a child is the most painful thing in the world. People tell you that it will get better, but it doesn’t really,” David told Grazia magazine.

For the Conservative leader and his wife, Samantha, the pain is still raw but his children Nancy Gwen, 5, and Arthur Elwen, 3, have accepted their loss.

“Our other two children have been incredibly good about it. They talk about him a lot but in a very uplifting way, whereas we get upset and brood,” said David.

David’s emotional interview came after the Cameron family returned from their holiday in Brittany, France, which was originally planned as a family of five. Admitting it was an emotional experience, David told Grazia, “The holiday was originally geared up for Ivan, We got the ferry so we didn’t have to fly and worry about his wheelchair, and those wonderful Brittany beaches have ramps down to the sand… so yes, it was hard. I get a feeling of guilt because you’re having a good time and he’s not there.”

The family man also revealed that he gets some comfort from the fact that Ivan isn’t suffering anymore. “I try and remember that suffering, actually, because it somehow makes it better…to know he’s not suffering anymore,” David reflected.


The poignant interview also saw David Cameron reveal that he would not rule out having another child, saying, “I’d certainly like to. But we’ll have to wait and see if the stork drops one off.”


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