David Cameron thinks Samantha’s having a boy

British Prime Minister thinks his wife is having a boy as it kicks with “a right foot like Beckham”

David Cameron believes that he and wife Samantha will give birth to an baby boy, as the unborn child is kicking his mum furiously, reports The Sun.


Samantha is due to give birth in September, but the Prime Minister has admitted that they’re fully prepared for the child to be born at any moment.

“We have had one or two moments when we thought it might have arrived already. But it is hanging on in there at the moment,” said dad-to-be David.

“We think it’s a boy because it is kicking furiously. It has got a right foot like Beckham.”

The Prime Minister also revealed that he and Sam hadn’t decided on any baby names yet – perhaps they should check out our Baby Namer?!

However, David believes that Sam will have the final baby naming decision.


“It’s like North Korean democracy. There are talks but she will decide,” joked David.

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